no way to edit or invalidate Field Trip waypoints, poor handling of mission waypoints.

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In Columbia, SC, USA there is a mission called "05 of 18 SC Statehouse Banner".

It contains TWO Field Trip waypoints with IDENTICAL names and IDENTICAL locations, named "South Carolina Confederate Monument"

Yes, these really are two DIFFERENT waypoints, as can be seen in the Mission Author. (Near the corner of Gervais St. and Main St., use "search titles and descriptions in the map" to search for the name.)

In the scanner, when you tap the waypoint, you get the standard disambiguation cards, but they often swap position, so there is no way to tell when you tap one which of the two you will get, because they both have the same name, and there is no visual cue on the disambiguation cards to indicate which one you've already visited. This makes this mission annoying to complete, because you have to tap several times, until you just luck out and get the right one.

There exists in the scanner no method to report these duplicates, no method to change the name of one of them, no method to move them, no method to edit them in any fashion.

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