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Area ENL in my area enjoy throwing links (usually from durable portals) that cross nearly the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast. Following the throwing of one of these links, I decided that if I wasn't able to field south to north to capture MU then I would just go east to west capturing nearly everything in the three coastal counties under their link.

To start, I needed a good anchor portal to link everything into. In this case I'm fortunate that the portal where I work is almost in the exact middle of the available area. I began collecting keys (and honestly got lots more than I ended up needing) while planning out my fields. Just before I was ready to start building everything the durable link dropped and I scrambled to modify the plan to make use of the newly available space and hopefully block the durable from going back up.

With a new plan ready, I woke up to find that while the durable hadn't been rethrown, another link had gone across nearly the same area. While it could be taken down, doing so would also alert the ENL that something might be up. Instead, I quickly modified the plan yet again and lowered the number of portals involved before setting out.

My first stop was at my workplace as that portal had been killed the day before just as I was leaving. I quickly redeployed it (while collecting just a few more keys because why not) and proceeded to my first portal. At my first portal, almost everything was derailed when my scanner wouldn't load anything for me to link to. After double checking that nothing had been thrown in my way, I restarted the scanner but eventually had to dump my cache before getting any response. Finally getting my first link thrown 15 minutes after I originally planned, I then proceeded to the second portal where my first really noticeable fields would go up. From that first link thrown to the last, this was a 4,5 hour single Agent op fielding an area roughly 42 miles wide east to west and 4,75 miles north to south. While there were a few hiccups and it only netted 140,617 MU (Mississippi is largely rural) it still captured nearly all of the available area and MU along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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