Concerns re: Spoofing [A Dedicated Thread]



  • this falls in line with everything else about ingress. We've had 4 updates since january, and the amount of features in that time that improves the game for players are very tiny.

  • Giving a false sense of order and that they have everything under control? What a joke.

  • DSkatauriDSkatauri ✭✭✭✭

    Two iterations of bad actor,right now i see it's third account levelling up,the same place,the same action patterns.

  • We have one here, got 4 accounts banned, their 5th has also been suspended, but only for 30 days, what a great invention is that three-strike policy… Nothing to do against cheating, multiaccounting is impossible to prove and spoofing is simply tolerated.

  • reinstated spoof accounts? lol, it ain't getting better than this. atm the spoofer from my area seems to be busy with minding his own business, but time will telll.. as long as those people with their issues are holding back..

    Niantic, introducing stuff you don't need or want sinds 2012.

  • Given the nature of the problem, time for Team Niantic to pay up and hire someone whose sole job is "firing" bot and multi agents at the IP level. I know there are agents that would want to be paid SF money to work from home to clean up Ingress.

  • TheKingEngineTheKingEngine ✭✭✭✭✭

    and this is, unfortunately, a common phenomenon worldwide

  • We have a huge problem in my area with spoofing, on both sides. I'm the only Enl that still plays in the area and because of that the Res has decided that I must be behind the account on the ENL side. This is not the case, no amount of reasoning will convince him otherwise. Now the Res get the ENL spoofers deleted in hours, I mean fast, which is great. Nothing happens to the RES spoofers but then there is no one left to report them. I don't think they will be happy until my account is banned. One agent has made it his mission to get me banned. Without proof, because like I said I don't spoof, will his insistent screaming to anyone who listens get me banned? I seriously think he reports me on the daily. He has resorted to threatening me outside the game, says he has an insider in Niantic that's working with him. Advice? Other agents near the area are not willing to get involved, don't want to become a target.

  • NoctarionNoctarion ✭✭✭

    How sad or miserable someone's life has to be for them be this way? Do they even have a life if they are THIS involved in a silly mobile game?

  • This is under threat personality, you should report it directly to ingress support. If you don't violate Niantic ToS, you don't need to be afraid. Even you be reported a thousand timestimes, you will be safe.

  • Welcome to the real world :)

    This game makes you know the real life :)

  • We're dealing with a spoofer on their third account. The first one took two weeks for Niantic to do anything, the second was banned fairly shortly after being created, but the third one is running wild today. Here are our ticket numbers that were ignored by useless bot support.








  • The most egregious spoof from this third iteration was them "driving" from one portal in the woods to an private island in the middle of a lake in a subdivision that doesn't have a boat launch in 20 minutes, despite it taking 21 minutes just to drive from the parking lot, to the road at the side of the lake. Nothing said about the walk back, or the time it takes to launch your boat from someone's yard.

    But Niantic says "looks good to me! I know it's their third account in two days, but it's fine!"

  • Is there any progress? 🤣

    Where did the person who created this thread go?

  • Otrera35Otrera35 ✭✭✭✭

    Haven't heard anything from the person who started this thread. #MIA?

  • “I will post more questions later, I have them.”

    I can’t wait to hear them! You’re waking some of us up & making us think for ourselves. Keep pushing the envelope, your tenacity is inspiring. 💯💚

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