C.O.R.E ticked but cmu has yet to appear

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So i was rather eager today to try and get a video of my 13 month core animation but it never came. While it went up from 12 to 13 on my all time stats, I didn't get the normal animation and on further investigation the CMU hasn't popped up either. I'm still sitting at 2400. I gave it all day in hopes it was just a lag but it hasn't increased. I can't say anything about the other items as I don't closely pay attention to those as I'm an item hoarder. While I know it's not a lot of CMU, I just wanted to report it in case others had the same issue.

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  • Thanks for reaching out, @Ishira! If you haven't already, please submit a ticket via in-app support. We'll take it from there.

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    @NianticVK thank you! I did submit a ticket this morning. Like I said I know it's not alot of CMU and I buy a bunch more all the time but I know for some that's a big perk so I did want to bring notice to it. I think the thing that bummed me the most (and this is so small) was I didn't get to record my first year animation (that exactly the same I know but I'm an odd ball) to share on social media. I will continue to keep my submission because I love this game.

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    @NianticVK this was fixed this morning! The cmu has been added which I am incredibly thankful. I didnt get to say thank you to the support so I'm saying it here.

    While the app had issues I already addressed the support team was very quick with helping me on this issue. It is a relief and I am thankful as I'm now excited I'll be able to purchase the love badge and other bundles for my upcoming local event, today without worry. I appreciate the communication you gave me. Thank you guys!

  • Happy to help, @Ishira! Do let us know if you need any more help.

    That being said, I'm closing this thread.


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