CMU count in inventory isn't updated after CORE package is received

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Hi !

I just spotted this when I received my latest CORE package.

Repro steps :

  • Wait for your CORE package to arrive, and the animation to end
  • Go to your inventory, scroll straight to the left in the Store section and note how many CMU you have
  • It should be missing the +2500 CMU from CORE package (I was, at least, missing it)
  • Go to the Store from the main menu, the CMU count will update
  • Go back to the Store section of the Inventory, the CMU count should now be up-to-date

I've not tested buying something from Inventory when the CMU count wasn't yet up-to-date, I guess it wouldn't work if the CMU count isn't right for some items as it could tell "not enough CMU".

Device : OnePlus 8 Pro, Android 11, connected over Wi-Fi

Ingress version : latest to date, 2.89.1

Sorry, no sreenshots :shrug:

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