Operation Homecoming

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Pune Agent (Dr4g0n1te) fulfilled his goal to link and field all his Homes Bhilai (Hometown - where he grew up), Forbesganj (In Laws - Away Home) and his current residence - Pune. Where his Ingress journey started. 

He created base link (Forbesganj - Bhilai) 10 months before his travel with lurking opportunity, wish in his heart as a blocker for Central India. Those portals are up for about 2 years, but doing nothing, came to serve their purpose on 3rd Feb 2022. Where his teammates (@HaraBharaKebab, @BunMuskaChai) came up with a 1 billion+ MU plan with almost minimal blockage. After a blocker went down by RES and ENL sneaked this window of opportunity. They created 1 virtual blocker with expectations that it will not disclose plans. HaraBharaKebab layed out all the intel and on 2nd Feb and with all agreement, we decided to do in late evening as all are (Working from home on a Working day :) )

After heavy dinner (this was necessary) after whole day of work. With 2 bikes, we created BAF from Central west to North east of India each link above 1650 km and per field 29 Million. All 3 shared the same MU, as fields were distributed equally, 13 each.

Total MU - 1,131,642,690

Each Agent MU - 377 M above

(@HaraBharaKebab, @BunMuskaChai, @Dr4g0n1te) 

Agents for clearing - @teaWithCakes (His HP and blockers were sacrificed :)) , @BunMuskaChai

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