2022 Q1 Ingress Schedule

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The Ingress team is excited about Year 10 and hope you are too. As we approach November 2022, we want to share quarterly updates of what we’re working on leading up to Y10 festivities and beyond.

In 2022, we will focus on

  1. Adding camera-based AR to Ingress. Ingress is an Augmented Reality (AR) game, but until adding Lightship Real-Time Meshing, the kinds of ways we approached augmenting reality were through layering game and story on top of the real world. We’re now working to bring camera-based AR into Ingress in ways that build on top of all of the Community Portal Scans that Agents have done to make Ingress more fun.
  2. Growing the global community through events and also keeping more new recruits in the game. We will continue to offer Global Challenges, distributed live events using the Battle Beacon and other game mechanics, and Cross-Faction events like First Saturday and Second Sunday, and we hope you enjoy and wish you would agree that it is fun to stay. We are also improving the New Agent Training to help new Agents better get up to speed and continue with the game.
  3. Continuing to work towards financial sustainability. The C.O.R.E. subscription has greatly helped introduce a new way to support Ingress. Optional cosmetic Medals offer a way to personalize the Agent Profile and doesn’t give an unfair advantage over others. Additionally, there’s a series of work planned to make our infrastructure more cost effective. We are committed to continue Ingress to Year 10 and beyond.

To that end, in Q1, we are working on:

  • Adventure Sync: Weekly Summaries
  • Second Sunday
  • Portal Scan Meter
  • Updates to Support Live Ops/Events
  • Support and Community Updates

Adventure Sync: Weekly Summaries

We’ll double down on the Adventure Sync feature in Ingress starting with a weekly summary of your activity, then adding rewards for levels of activity achieved during the week. We hope weekly Adventure Sync summaries will give more Agents another reason to check back in with Ingress more frequently - similar to what we saw with the Hackstreak feature.

Second Sunday

A new tiered medal will be available starting in February for Second Sunday challenges. The official announcement, including medal reveal, will be made early in February so we don’t want to take away from that. Our hope is that this will continue to encourage Agents to get out and experiment with new features and functionality while earning towards a new medal.

Portal Scan Meter

We’re working to add a Portal Scan Meter that sets a community goal with a community reward for Portal Scanning. After Agents work together to upload a set number of Portal Scans on a Portal, there will be a community reward available to all Agents in the area. Our goal is to foster positive collaboration in local communities while helping to build a 3D map of the Portal Network.

Updates to Support Live Events

As we work to return to live events, we’ll be working on building robust tools to support and scale these events. This will help us make more events available to Agents across the globe.

We have also been working to update guidelines for Mission Days and hope to see those return in Q2 while considering real world circumstances. And, as previously announced, support for our Q1 live events

Support and Community Updates

We are reviewing our resources to identify areas we can make improvements to better resolve issues and, hopefully, do so quicker. This includes an audit of our Help Center as well and updating the support bot with new categories to help ask the right questions, collect the right information, and get things routed to the right people.

We’ve been working with the Vanilla Forums to dig into the issues affecting features like upvoting threads and closing/merging threads in some areas. Once that is resolved, we will be making updates to the Ingress Community guidelines and forum structure, including archiving some of the lesser known categories/sub-communities.

We are also looking at ways we can use Ingress to support Niantic Social and help Agents new and veteran connect with each other in a more meaningful way than currently provided.

We hope this gives you some insight into our plans for Q1 and our excitement for Ingress Y10, and we look forward to iterating on our quarterly update! 

Share your thoughts here.

— The Ingress Team

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