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6 missions created, 3 rejected, 3 approved. All missions have same description, are part of the one picture (i took myself), and it uses the same portals (only around 10 portals in that village).

Rejected because of picture or description? Weird that a mountain with snow is invalid in a ski area. But I suppose you are right and I will remove the 3 approved missions....

however it feels like arbitrariness but I suspect nia knows best....As a Result there are less missions in an area with almost no missions



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    This is normal. Delete make the 3 rejected new and 2 of 3 will went live.

    Have always the same issue.

    For example:

    Only want to switch the picture, but you See it's obscenity or trolling to show a head.

    And it's the same head, only a little adjusted.

  • If theres only 10 portals in that location could you not just make the missions with 2-3 portals on each if you want to generate the mission image banner for that nice picture.

    Each portal mission ends where the next portal is within distance. Portal 2-4 & 5-7 etc...but submit each mission individually and not all at once to next missing chunks.

    Im only guessing as i havent seen any of your missions.

    I was going to suggest one big mission of 10 portals from what you have said but that wouldnt have built the picture up.

    Also see if theres any interesting things nearby that you could possibly turn into portals to create missions from in the future.

    When i first started doing missions someone created an awesome mission that required me to work my way to the final portal and read the plaque to find a particular word on it to complete the mission...i also learned a lot about the area and that final portal.

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    Last year I was helping another agent trying to create a 12-part banner that got rejected repeatedly. We got the "lack of clear title/description blah blah" over and over despite making several tweaks to the title and description. After contacting support, they sent us a different set of reasons for rejection. One of them suggested "repetitive selection of waypoints." Our banner used about 36 portals, visiting each portal twice, first 6 missions for hacking and last 6 for capture/upgrade. We trimmed the banner down to a 6-part hack without repeating any portals and it got accepted on the first try. Considering there are soooooo many banners out there that repeat waypoints over the course of the banner, this seemed like a BS reason and incongruent with the idea that Niantic evaluates missions on an individual basis, but I'm pretty sure that was holding it up.

    Edit: to add to that final point, the rejection emails for those 12 missions were sent in bulk, all arriving in the inbox at the same minute. Not the usual trickle of minutes/hours between emails.

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    Hmm, that sounds like one I did locally. Was capture on the first loop around, then hack on the 2nd time around. 18 missions, repeated once. I kept getting some accepted some rejected. Resubmit the same exact thing and some would be accepted some rejected. Got tired of playing **** a mole and just deleted them all.

    I've found that if I take the time to actually take the images for a mural, it will be rejected.

    If I use a copy righted image, it will go thru on the first try.

    It really seems like they flip a coin. But I've stopped bothering to submit anything new. It's not worth taking the time to plan it out, and submit something fun, then wait for the random rejections.

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    The problem is 'banners' don't exist so each mission must be able to stand on its own, complete with a suitable description etc

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