My main key locker duplicated itself. So did a over 70 keys.

I was about to load portal keys into my key locker. When I attempted it, my green key locker created ANOTHER one, and my keys almost doubled. This was over 24 hours ago. Usually these problems fix themselves. It is still a problem for me. Please help! Thank you!

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  • Several people have reported this in this forum, including me. I was advised to contact Niantic support. I did, and they have “escalated my request for further investigation” but that was a week ago and I’ve heard nothing since. I recommend contacting Niantic support although it’s not clear how quickly that will resolve anything.

  • @KazmoJones I'm sorry you're experiencing this! As @Sisyrinchium mentioned please contact support - include the key locker ID in your message and that will save a step. :)

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