C.O.R.E. subscription: money withdrawn, no subscription

Yesterday I was automatically charged 4.99USD from my card for renewing C.O.R.E. subscription.

It's been 24 hours and my subscription still hasn't been renewed.

The same already happened last year. Then the problem was solved after contacting this community.

I really hope that such misunderstandings will not happen again. Thank you.

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  • Problem solved! Thank you very much for your prompt response and have a great day!

  • @MKater does the subscription renewal time listed in your Ingress Settings menu match the time of your actual subscription renewal, or did your inventory temporarily drop back to 2,000 capacity? Note that Google may issue a payment authorization (a pending charge to confirm you have funds available) on your payment method 24-48 hours in advance of the subscription renewal time. There wasn't any intervention on our part so I'm trying to investigate where these delays are coming from.

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