Portal scan upload stuck on 96.88%

For me, uploading portal scans has always been slow. Since the time you can see the upload percentage, i now see that it's probably not because of huge amounts of data: the progress bar goes up pretty quick, but then hangs at 96.88%. It was about 5 to 6 minutes until it finally went up to 100%.

It may be that

A) the progress bar is bugged and goes up too fast --> the upload is really slow.

B) the progress is correct and something times out after waiting 5 minutes for something that never happens.

Device: Samsung Galaxy J7 2017

Android Version: 9

Ingress Version: Currently 2.88.1

P.S. i have an ad-blocker (have not tried to turn it off yet, but didn't see any blocked requests, at least to niantic servers. Will try without ad-blocker when i scanned a portal again)

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