Niantic is doing for years NADA with reports

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For years both RES and ENL have been sending in reports on inappropriate gameplay (spoofing and multi-accounting), inappropriate language, and harassment on chat / Telegram plus even in real life. On top several reports have been done to law enforcement, and also those have been shared with Niantic. And what action does Niantic take ... at the max a Comm ban.

Today again that "agent" started to harassing different agents from both fractions with inappropriate language on Telegram on yet another account of him with even pictures taken from his living. Reporting those along with description by which Niantic can check in Streetview that this is that same "agent" results in (again) the same lame inactive standard reply by Niantic support. So even when there is pile of reports and proofs, Niantic rather chooses the path of turning their faces away from it, and let the local community suffer from their incompetency to act and take care that people can continue to enjoy their game.

Niantic support, get your acts together and make / keep Ingress a fun platform to enjoy and keep it clean from weirdos that mean no good for the game and it's community.



  • Totally agree with this. I changed my mind a lot about this te last years, but at the moment i only can laugh out loud about this. You can climb Mount Everest with a pregnant hippo at your back, i can kayak the seven world seas, you can just watch the world burn and shout, this is fine but this is really the dumbest i've ever seen in my whole life. In the Netherlands we have things like Goede Tijden, Slechte tijden, Gordon, Eigen Huis en Tuin and some other dumb stuff, but it's just nothing compared with this.

    If neccesery, i have a bunch of chatter about this 'thing'. It's just stupid and dumb.

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    Good luck with your request. If the inertia is too much for Niantic to overcome in keeping Ingress Prime a fun platform; I don't think the future for this game is a good one at all.

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    Well..At least Niantic helped you ban the COMM functionality of the player you mentioned if what you said is true.

    In our local area there is a "famous" player who keep saying bad words like "c*ck" and even threatened to attack other players in public COMM

    However he can always have his main account released (hitherto for the fifth time) from permanent COMM ban and keep doing the SPAM everyday.

  • This blocking is easy to do, but there is still the ingame mess he makes. Can't go outside without being followow by a 40+ year old guy, someone that should've grown up, i decided to stop playing the inner city i live in because of this. Only cargressing is what i still do, and walking in some remote area's. Than there is this silly being on comm.. making accounts to let other players think they are mine. It's just not telegram, it's the person. I've heard stories about people who recieved email reports from the Niantic helpdesk system they didn't initiate, the contain silly texts.

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    Some of y'all take this game way too seriously....

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    Oh the person above you finally got banned from the forums.

    EDIT: The post was deleted entirely. (it wasn't justmeister)

    EDIT 2: Apparently they wanted to also **** me on TG. Follow the guidelines and you wouldn't be banned, buddy. 👋 If you think I'm on any side here, you need to re-evaluate your life choices here.

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    Interesting, lol

  • What evidence? Where this person lives isn't relevant at all I believe, yet you claim that agent is stalking. Doesn't add up for me.

    Telegram issues can be adressed with Telegram easily. And you can ban people on there as well as the comm. Like luobotix mentioned.

  • As a player in the same are, all I have to say is; What goes around, comes around.

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