Operation India's Edge - 5 Million MU

It began in 2018, on my voyage to the lands of Jaipur in Rajasthan, India. I met the legendary Resistance agent JDHashok who taught me the ways of the Resistance. We travel long distances, battle against all odds, and never cheat in any way. Also, he handed me over some keys I might need in my forthcoming adventures. One of the keys belonged to the Portal "Jain Temple Near Ghanerao" near the city of Udaipur.

November 2021, I return to Jaipur. Close to the city, I capture a Portal named "Degana Junction" and connect it to the Portal "Jain Temple Near Ghanerao". Now, 2 of the most famous cities of Rajasthan are connected. But 2 more remain to be conquered and connected. 500 kilometers is the distance I traveled from my hometown to Jaipur. Traveling 250 kilometers more, I reach the city of Jodhpur, It's December 2021 now. I capture "Jodhpur Railway Station" and connect it to Jaipur and Udaipur giving me control over 1 Million Mind Units. Traveling further, more than 1000 kilometers from my hometown, I reach the city of Jaisalmer.

Continuing with the task of conquering and connecting all major cities of Rajasthan, India, I reach the edge of the Golden Fort of Jaisalmer. Here, I captured the Portal "Golden Fort of Jaisalmer", connected it to Portals "Jain Temple Near Ghanerao" and "Degana Junction" giving me command over 3 Million MUs. Further, I connected the Fort with "Jodhpur Railway Station" giving me an additional 2 Million MUs totaling 5 Million Mind Units. Considering the 1 Million Mind Units captured in Jodhpur, this operation gave Resistance control over 6 Million Mind Units.

Day 1 of 2022, I leave the city of Jaisalmer in ruins claiming whatever remained of Enlightened in the city. On my journey back to my town, I thought of my next adventure...

Anyone interested can see my YouTube video, I made about this Field/Operation: https://youtu.be/leY-13L_rm0


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