Can't login to forum


I write this for another user, because he can't login to this forum and have a problem with different gmail adresses in ingress and pokemon go with the same username.

The affected agent name is vortitu.

He can't login to this community forum. This can't be a Browser issue as i can login with the same browsers on the same phone/notebook.

He already opened a support ticket from inside ingress, but the only answer was that he should try it with another browser. But finally there was no solution.

Maybe this has something to do with the second problem what he have. Some time ago, he splitted his ingress and pokemon go account. He added a facebook login to the pogo account, unlinked the gmail address, linked another gmail address and finally unlinked the facebook address. And so he got a different gmail accounts in pokemon go/ingress with the same username vortitu.

Now he have different gmail accounts in ingress and pokemon go. As we get informed to claim the user name in the new niantic id, he had to use the pokemon go gmail account to reserve vortitu. With the ingress gmail account he couldn't login to the niantic id site.

And finally these leads also to problems in niantic social chat. In ingress he couldn't use vortitu as user name, because this is already taken. Probably by his pokemon go/niantic id gmail account....

He already talked to ingame support in ingress, bug they only told him they cant merge accounts and there is no solution.

He already tried to go the way back via facebook mail etc. but this doesn't work.

In theory this problem is easy to solve, just merge the two accounts to one gmail... Practically the question is how much effort is required.

Does anyone know, who can help to get this issues fixed? I think this is a technical problem and if we get the right person, this can be fixed. Hopefully!

Maybe @NianticBrian can help?

Any help is highly appreciated.


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