Operation Ice Hat - Operação Chapéu de Gelo (Resistência Brasil)

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Portuguese : https://telegra.ph/Operacao-Chapeu-de-Gelo-01-19

In 15 January 2022, after months of planning and preparation, Ingress Resistance Brazil agents executed Operation Ice Hat, one of the greatest operations to ever be put to motion in the country's history in total area, MUs per field and total MUs, which gathered more than 1 billion MUs for the Resistance, leaving our faction with almost three times more MUs than our competition and ending with a high note the triad of operations that began with OPs Kid's Play and Patience (sitreps in Brazilian Portuguese), that were put to practice in the last days of 2021.

The organizers of the Operation Ice Hat would like to immensely thank every agent that had a part, either direct or indirect, in the operation, for every action was of great importance for its execution.

Agents involved: @acaciocezar @Alfadur @AlphaSixSP @brrraga @careyuki @Chomrei @ClaudioCabralBR @Counter78 @denyperes @FMotaBra @Fuz3r @GustavoPeres @Hoshi23 @JC077 @Jstecnow @KboomSPBR @Klanto @Kylereeser @LucasMagnago @Malevolla @MARCOSROCHA @Mil98um @MIXFuMaSa @SnefferuS @t4p1oc4 @VanSherk @VitorRDias @xferAP @yondaimetkd

The operation's name was chosen because the color blue is associated, among other things, to ice - and an ice hat is a perfect refreshment for the covered region, where cold weathers are rare and it's hot all year long.

In mid-2021, frustrated with news that a local IRB operation in Minas Gerais state had been neutralized almost immediately by "hidden forces", agent @VitorRDias noticed that an intercontinental link from Africa to South America had been kept for some time. Soon the possibility of a field using said link in the aforementioned state was thought possible, and by that time only a handful of blocks existed, most of them our own links. Therefore a planing had to be done to build such field when the agent were in Minas Gerais.

After the field possibility was seen as real, a search for keys begun. Luckily, an agent in the state of Ceará, one state away from the agent's residence, had the needed keys in a very good amount!

Little by little, agents started being recruited for the mission and the group was created in 4 September 2021. In late October/early November, the trip for the keys' exchange was made. Also, with a reasonable antecedence, some IRB blocks and anchors in northern Brazil were put down, given that it would not be possible to do so in the day of the operation.

At first, 30 layers were planned to be made in the town of Governador Valadares. However, rival blocks in the state border between Maranhão and Tocantins were far too many to be handled by the amount of recruited agents in the area. After other one of our blocks fell in northern Brazil, the possibility of a B plan was open to outsmart said green blocks. The city of Naque and the district of Perpétuo Socorro (in the city of Belo Oriente) were chosen for the operation, with the rest of the layers to be built in the greater city of Ipatinga.

In the morning of the operation day, the base link from Accra, Ghana to Cayenne, French Guiana was rebuilt by local agent @careyuki.

As in every major operation, both fluke and contretemps happened. On one hand, terrible blocks, own and rival ones, fell in the eve of the operation with no need of action by our agents and dangerous rivals were seen too far away from making possible new blocks; on the other hand, one of these terrible viruses that have been circulating reduced the amount of field agents, making the remaining agents use the recently released Very Rare Battle Beacons to uplevel the operation portals, therefore increasing dramatically its duration and making it impossible for one of the field agents to remain in the operation for a longer time. As a consequence, the operation finished with "only" 21 layers. Also, one of the field agents had scanner issues and was able to make only 2 layers, having to leave the rest of them to be divided between the other agents. Finally, a physical real-life block happened: a roadblock between Belo Horizonte and Ipatinga forced one of the field agents into a 120 km (75 miles) detour, increasing the travel time in 33%.

Each layer generated little more than 52M mind units, putting three of the field agents in The Grid Brazil's Top 5 agents in the category "Largest Control Field".

Agent @yondaimetkd took down the last green blocks in Açailândia

Field agents in Gauchão portal (Naque, Brazil), from left to right: @LucasMagnago, @MARCOSROCHA, @VitorRDias, @Mil98um

Operation impact in South America intel map

Operation impact in worldwide intel map


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