Changes to Portal Nominations

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Based on your feedback, we’re excited to announce two changes to the Portal Nomination process. We want to make it easier for Agents who are trying to submit Nominations in places with poor or no cell service.

As part of the 2.25 release, you’ll notice that the Portal Nomination process will allow you to select from previously taken photos, even if you’re not at the location that you’re submitting. This way, you can make sure that you take high-quality photos to accompany your Nomination, even if you can’t upload them right away.

Additionally, we’ve increased the range for Portal Nominations to 25km. This should allow you greater access to interesting places or other points of interest, even if there’s poor or no cell service.

Please keep in mind that these changes are subject to revert if we notice a drop in the overall quality of Portal Nominations. For more information about what makes a high-quality Nomination, please see this article from our Help Center.

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