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PratapGad, one of the most well known and easily recognisable fort in Maharashtra, was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, one of the greatest kings the country has ever seen. The word 'Pratap' stands for 'Valor', which rightfully describes the fort as it witnessed the battle between Shivaji Maharaj's handful of troops and Afzal Khan's forces, the former emerging victorious. It is known as the Foundation of the Maratha Empire, which extended to almost the entire Indian Subcontinent at a point of time.


 On 27th of December, agent @HEMANTG made plans to visit Mahabaleshwar in the end of 2021 and almost immediately made a plan to cover a large portion of Coastal Maharashtra, with @Aerodyne7899 's and @Arshadk786 ' s home portals as the base link, which also acted as a preventive counter-cross for a frog's portal which was causing a bit of nuisance. With absolutely no cross links, the plan was ready to go.

Key Transfers:

 Having no time to waste, agent @HEMANTG met up with agent @Aerodyne7899 to get keys of both the base portals on 27th December itself.


 @HEMANTG reached Mahabaleshwar on the 28th of December, and co incidentally found that the agent @GeraldJinx27 was around the same area. They both decided to layer together and to carry out the plan on 30th December. Meanwhile, @HEMANTG neutralized a few portals and made lanes to both the bases on the same day. He also made a BAF on the next day, as a backup lane.


 The day of the climb was here, 30th December. @HEMANTG cleared the field he made the previous day, and met with @GeraldJinx27 . Evening came, and so did the climb to the peak of the massive Pratapgad, with a height of 1080 metres above sea level. Unstirred by the rough terrain, they raced to the top, and realized that they didn't have much connectivity on the top of the fort. Hence, began another race to see whose game opens first and, as it did, the first two fields were made by @HEMANTG , covering around 960,000 MUs each. With Phase 1 of the fielding done, they proceeded to descend the fort after marvelling at the various historic artefacts over there.

 Phase 2 began at Mahabaleshwar, where another three fields were thrown by @HEMANTG , which gained a little over 1,000,000 MUs each.

 In Phase 3, Agent @GeraldJinx27 , who already had a total MU of 1,000,000 MU threw three more fields of 1,000,000 MU each, hence unlocking his Onyx Illuminator. The agents went back as a happy bunch, a bit tired but bolder, braver and stronger than before.


Intel and Planning ; @HEMANTG

No of fields: 15

In which

☐ @HEMANTG : 9

☐ @GeraldJinx27 : 6

MUs Captured : 9379327

In which

☐ @HEMANTG : 6158029

☐ @GeraldJinx27 : 3221298

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