Portal not showing up in Intel map

The portal "Lauriston Mineral Well" (formerly "TCIS 1672 Monument") isn't showing up on the Intel map. I got it moved to the correct location (https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/discussion/20795/location-edit-tcis-1672-monument-10m#latest) previously and submitted a name/description change to improve it, but it's not visible on Intel map now. The portal is definitely there as I can see it from a nearby portal I have a key for. Portal location is 55.970029274420796, -3.277068730942495 (as per the move request). My guess is the move request probably broke something in the system for Intel.

Attached are screenshots from Intel map and from scanner, showing the portals - missing one highlighted in red, 3 others highlighted to show relationships in Intel:

From Intel - same portals highlighted here, note lack of nearby portal:

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