The Smurfs and Frogs origin in Ingress



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    Frogs = ENL = REAL BEINGS


    Simple analogy

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    Why can't your faction find a blue-colored animal to use as your totem anyway? Paging @Neku69, the biologist to assist the RES in finding their real blue-colored animal.😉

  • Excellent question! Maybe they thought Smurfs are real animals. Perhaps someone saw a Smurf? 😂🤪❤️

  • If we are to choose mascots, then it should be in the same category (Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Objects, Cartoon…). Too bad this forum doesn’t have polling option; would be a fun feature.

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    Maybe, Neku69 can post a link to his Biology 101 class, perhaps?

  • @Otrera35 Great idea! 😂

    Just to make sure consensus remains objective

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    @Valor002, TBH, if we are to make a coat of arms for each faction for future live events, one can easily visualize the Green Frog coat of arms, Meanwhile, it is hard to envision a blue smurf coat of arms without rofl. Now, if it is a Blue Jay coat of arms, that would be acceptable.

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    @Otrera35, there's nothing that says a coat of arms must be based on smurfs and frogs. Indeed, many local teams have logos and mascots that they put on shirts, flags, etc. that reflect their local flavor and idiosyncrasies.

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    I didn't imply its as a general rule, but that's my point of view, already aware of the weirdness factor as part of this game.

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    As far as I know they both start as pejorative terms, (frogs being filthy and smurfs being imaginary fairies) but stucked and got embraced by the teams.

    If you guys want a living animal, I suggest ducks, because the words are very similar in some Latin languages (Pato/Sapo) and both are semi aquatic creatures.

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    @Wooorms, no originality. Find a real blue-colored animal that does not mimic the green frogs. Nice effort, though.

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    Not all frogs are green you know…

    Here is one orange/grey/black

    This one is mostly brown-ish

    Here is a yellow one

    Are you saying all of those are mimicing the only true green ones ?

    Same goes for any blue animals, I can find blue fishs, parrots, butterflies, lizards, snakes, etc. All of them perfectly blue, but no animal specy is always blue, neither all frogs are always green. Please make a more realistic request, since it seems nor ENL nor RES can answer to it as you phrased it ^^

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    The green frog emblem/totem was already claimed by the ENL. Selecting a blue frog for the RES may confuse others. Why not look at blue-colored birds?

    Isn't it cute? 😉

    Or if you are a RES that wants to act "cool, " the Blue Jay has an attitude. 😎

  • If we must assist with the blue animal selection, how about:

    1) Blue Hornet

    2) Blue Starfish

  • Blue Hornet is also an iconic shape in aviation design.

    We may have to rethink the green mascot, although frogs have some amazing traits.

  • Hummingbirds could be an ENL mascot. They’re beautiful and contribute to the environment by assisting with pollination

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    At first, I didn't like the Green Frog as an ENL totem, let alone being called a tadpole, but as time went on. One can see the wisdom behind the decision why the veteran ENLs chose the Frog emblem. The frogs are amphibians and they can adapt and pivot if needed. Also, they play a major role in pointing out the environment's health and the food chain out there.

  • I don’t like the Frog mascot. There is also negative references in urban dictionary. The faction can vote on choices of course. We can include Alligator, more adaptable and a reptile.

    I can see myself wearing a shirt with a Hummingbird or an Alligator. Oh wait, I do already - Lacoste for Alligator :)

  • Both Hummingbirds and Alligators are iconic. No?

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    @Valor002 , definitions from an Urban Dictionary are not considered appropriate content as per Niantic Guidelines. It's basically a dictionary of slang, words, or phrases which allude to explicit content. An alligator is a reptile and it is a cold-blooded animal it does not embody the ENL. Still thinking about the hummingbird may be a viable option compared to the alligator despite being perceived as cute creatures.

    Guess who showed up? King Frog!

  • @Otrera35 Omg, that sneaky king frog persuaded you with those big eyes, warm infectious smile, and cute cuddliness. Nooooo!!

    After reviewing some facts, I’m ok with it 😄😛

    “Frogs are cold blooded animals, or ectotherms, meaning that frogs rely on their environment to maintain their body temperature. Frogs generally require less food, can live in harsher environments, and are less likely to carry blood diseases compared to endotherms, or warm-blooded animals”

    Frogs it is! 🐸

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    @Valor002 , actually King Frog is the official totem of the rising ENL team out there.

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    Blue fairy wrens native to my state. Shoulda used it before now.

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    I think one of the reasons that smurfs and frogs caught on is because it's simple and rolls off the tongue easily in one word. A lot of animals that are blue have to be specified as blue (like your two examples) because it's not the most common color for that type of animal (there are exceptions of course like the blue jay). Being blue is one of the most identifiable things about the cartoon smurfs. It's pretty much their "default" color. Likewise, while frogs come in many colors, they are most often thought of as green and widely illustrated as such.

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    @SSSputnik , the Blue Fairy wrens look appealing like the Mountain Bluebirds in the photo above. While Blue Jays are noisy and can get aggressive. However, the combination of blue and black feather pigmentation and that crest among Blue Jays makes them unique.

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    Aren't necessarily blue but can be easily associated with this color, just like the frogs.

  • Great discussion and very entertaining too. Few questions:

    1) Do you think that a change or confirmation of totem/mascot is possible given that Frogs and Smurfs have been used in the game for so long?

    2) What would you recommend as the polling approach (individual community server, request Niantic polling here, Twitter poll…) to get majority faction consensus?

  • ToxoplasmollyToxoplasmolly ✭✭✭✭✭

    Use whatever totem or mascot you want. Either people will go along with it, or they won't. It's as simple as that.

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