Accepted Niantic ID fails to be used.

vanudavanuda ✭✭
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Hi All. I do accept the GDPR stuff with revealing my email and Niantic ID.


Agent ID in Ingress: vanuda ( since 2012 )

Accepted via email from Niantic is "vanuda" for [REDACTED]

Still when trying to use the Social stuff via Ingress i get "invalid username"

Please contact me outside this forum if you need support on resolving the issue.

Tried a number of times but tickets are just "autoclosed"

This might conflict with my PoGo account or HPWU account that caused me to choose another ID that i really did not want to have..

Moderator Note: Removed PII (Please refrain from sharing your personal information)

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  • vanudavanuda ✭✭
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    Sorry.. Should be [REDACTED] and not [REDACTED]

    Still GDPR disclaimer is ok..

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  • vanudavanuda ✭✭
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    And.. the PoGo/HPWU account used to register is the same google account used for Ingress..

    Might be a difference in how google presents the user id to NIA..

    I.e. [REDACTED] ( with my indicated gmail adresses )

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  • Tried a number of times but tickets are just "autoclosed"

    @vanuda have you tried replying to the same email thread that was autoclosed instead of creating a new ticket?

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