2.25.2 Link Issue

CallienieraCallieniera ✭✭
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After upgraded to 2.25.2, there is some serious problem in link menu.

Link-able targets don't show up in link menu. This issue was also in 2.23, but I was able to chose those link-able target by taping them. After upgraded, they become unable to choose manually .

Another video shows that those targets show up in [REDACTED] but not in Prime.

I was like using Prime only for one month, but this is a really important problem which affect daily game play, and makes me have to use [REDACTED] again. Please fix it as soon as possible, Thank you!



  • I also have have had issues linking with the latest release. Prime is not showing links that Redacted does, until after Prime is restarted.

  • Hi, @NianticScot @RedSoloCup , thanks for the release note of 2.26. I would like to ask are there any update on this bug?

  • ThaldeonThaldeon ✭✭✭

    As far as I tested, the bug is still here :(

  • The bug is still here on 2.27.2! Why can't Niantic fix this link issue when MYRIAD is going to have two competition related to linking?

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