January 2022 Second Sunday

Another Second Sunday came upon us, both the first of the year 2022, and also the last in the series where six missions gets you a tick on your Mission Days.

So, 54 registered with the Wonderful Bot from DhrMekmek giving us a collection point for stats and selfies.... 

Talking of Stats

25 RES, 29 ENL agents (total 54)

4.9M RES AP Gain, 9.7M ENL AP Gain (14.6M total)

14.3M RES Recharge, 31.7M ENL Recharge (46.1M total)

One keen RES agent recursed during the event

238km RES walked, 304km ENL walked (543km total)

235 RES unique missions, 328 ENL unique missions (453 total)

Lots of FUN was had :-)

Although this was a UK Centric event, in true Virtual Style, we had active participants from as far as Kansas City Zoo, Missouri USA, New York, USA to Canary Islands (Gran Canaria)

Stay Safe - Eat Cake - See you Next Month for the first in the New Series of Second Sunday events

#SecondSunday #Ingress #Cake #Fun


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