Duplicate Key Locker

On going issue with duplicate key locker. No idea what caused the issue and is persistent theought restart, reinstall and reboot. Will hold 200 keys, but only one version of the locker can be accessed at a time.

iPhone 12 pro

iOS - 15.2


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  • E7AEE740.

  • SisyrinchiumSisyrinchium ✭✭
    edited January 2022

    I have the same issue. It started last night when I was shifting keys in and out of lockers, and I started getting error messages (sorry, don’t remember the exact messages). After restart, I noticed two versions of the same locker, with different numbers of keys, as though adding keys to the locker had worked in one version of the universe, and failed in another.

    The issue persists today. Out of curiosity I tried pulling all keys out of both, which worked — with the result that I duplicated a lot of keys. I cannot however put keys back into both; when I open the one which still claims to be empty, it contains the keys I put in the other one.

    iPhone 12 mini

    ios 15.1.1

    Locker ID: E94A5395

  • Thanks for reaching out, Agents! Please submit a ticket via In-app support along with the locker ID. One of our reps will into this.

  • How long should I expect a resolution to take? I submitted a ticket directly after this, and had a brief back-and-forth but the last message from support (promising an update “shortly”) was a week ago.

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