Portal uploads fail when Portal meshing turned on

Firstly, thanks for the new UI where we can see the progress of uploads. I appreciate this.

However, I had the following scenario.

  1. I went in to upload 500Mb of portal scans (20 scans), and saw the option for "Enable Niantic Lightship AR" - previously unticked
  2. I ticked the box, waited for the download
  3. tried to upload scans. Got to 2% and the game froze and is unresponsive

After much playing around with force closing and trying again,

  1. I unticked "Enable Niantic Lightship AR"
  2. hit upload
  3. portal scans uploaded within a couple of minutes

Expected behaviour: I don't have to untick the box as it's non-intuitive to do this before uploading any scans that didn't have any meshing behaviour on them

Details of phone:

OnePlus 5,Android10

app version: 2.87.1

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