Core inventory increase not appearing

How do I resolve

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  • In the Ingress Settings menu, what date and time is listed as your subscription renewal?

    What happens if you tap the Ingress Settings menu Refresh button, then restart the Ingress app?

    Does signing out and then signing back into your Apple ID in Apple's Settings menu have any effect?

  • @Maum99 just checking to see if you're still seeing this issue after trying the steps above?

  • This bug happened to me last month, @NianticBrian, and I know at least one other who has had it. After digging further through my iOS settings menu, under Media & Purchases - View Account - Purchase History I saw that the payment was stuck in a Pending state (like a credit card hold, I'm guessing) until the 13th, when it finally went through and my subscription finally showed up.

    Interestingly, the previous month (November) my payment also didn't go through until the 13th (when the subscription renews on the 9th) but I didn't have this issue then.

    Anyway, just chiming in to hopefully help you find the issue.

  • The situation did get resolved shortly after I posted the question. I am not sure if I followed the steps as recommended, but did try refreshing subscription, restarting Ingress, etc.

    hoping it doesn’t happen again next month


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