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pugmasterpugmaster ✭✭✭

There's a portal near me that is of a sculpture outside an art studio. The actual sculpture changes from time to time as the artists featured inside the studio change. I don't know how to approach this from an Ingress point of view.

The picture is VERY outdated.

Do I report it as an invalid portal, and create a new one?

Do I try to correct the picture and description using REDACTED? I tried this once and the changes were rejected.



  • XK150XK150 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Been there, done that. I know areas where there are multiple invalid portals from years of temporary sculptures being replaced. I've had better luck with deletion requests.

    These kind of "art exhibit locations" where sculptures rotate out on a regular basis are problematic. The portal guidelines say "temporary" art isn't portal-worthy, but they get submitted by people who don't understand realize the art is temporary.

    This is actually a topic I plan to discuss with Niantic the next time I do OPR Live. In an ideal universe, I think there would be a policy that encourages adding the location as the portal, with a general name like "Featured Artist Sculpture" and a description explaining why the sculpture in the location keeps changing.

  • Since there is an art studio associated with the rotating art area, in this particular case I would consider that studio as the portal and make that the edit and focus of an updated picture. I submitted something similar that was approved--the portal is the gallery itself (while the art they show outside will change, the underlying portal is constant).

    I think there are two other types of art display where this question comes up. One is as mentioned where there is an independent exhibit spot that rotates out sculpture. For example there is a permanent plinth built by the city, but the art displayed changes. I agree these locations should be encouraged as the portal, as long as there is something permanent that stays in that location.

    The other type of art display is completely temporary, where it may be displayed for a few months as a special exhibit and then the whole thing moved elsewhere--those are not portals and should be deleted if possible. Sometimes that gets left up to locals to figure out and clean up.

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