CORE XM Tank Reverted to 2K During Play

I had been hacking and suddenly with about 2300 items, I couldn't hack. The inventory indicator showed 2300/2000. I got no email notices from Niantic or Ingress. I went into the store. I simply tried to subscribe again, I got: "Error you have an active Subscription" I clicked CONTINUE: I got "Scanner communication Error or alternatively Store Sync Error, "Try again Later". -during many tries.

I went back into the store and bought $19.95 (32,000) CMU to be certain that I could charge and sync with the store. No problem. I'm completely farklempt!

My only thought is that I had to change my associated email pw today, but it works on the phone and I get in and play Ingress with all other functions working well. ****? Help! My Ingress name is PhoenixSage.



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