Recursion Issue - Double Recursion


I recused yesterday however something seems to have gone wrong. After going though the confirmation screens, waiting out the 4 hour timer, confirming and selecting a faction my Access Level remained at L16. It displayed 16 on my level bar, which was solid (full), but my AP had been reset properly to 0.

Some of the confirmation screens said that recursion takes time, I was unsure if this was intended (first recursion I have done) or a visual bug. I restarted a few times, my level did not change. I decided to give it to the morning. When it hadn't changed in the morning, I decided to press the recuse button again (it had remained as a timer at 0), which took this time and properly reset my level, however it now shows that I've recused twice (both simulacrum badge and AP lifetime says recused 2), even though my lifetime AP is clearly not 80M.

The only thing I think that could have been different off-hand was I did have pending portal scans saved from my walk that day, that I was planning to upload on wifi after I recused to help level up. I had uploaded them after recusing the first time (before pressing it a 2nd time) and didn't have any pending when pressing a 2nd time.

Device: Samsung A32 5G - Android Ver. 11 - Model (SM-A326U) - Carrier: T-Mobile

Ingress Version: 2.87.1-df998edf (I presume that's the version number)

I believe I was on mobile data (4G at the time I think?) when first starting the timer, and I think I was on wifi when I did the confirmation (was at home but wifi can be spotty some times)

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  • Sorry about the delay, @donatzor! If you haven't already, please refresh the game data or reinstall the app and check if that helps. If it continues, reach out to us via in-app support. One of our agents will take a closer look.

  • No problem, thank you for the response. I just uninstalled then reinstalled and it still shows Simulacrum at 2 as well as recursion 2. Will reach out in app then, thanks.

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