Breaks during anomaly

Would it be possible to have breaks again during anomaly?

3hrs on the ground can be really exhausting. Some might need to go for a **** break or just relax the legs a bit or buy something from a convenience store. Baseball, American football, football and so on all have breaks.


  • OthinnMxOOthinnMxO ✭✭✭

    I was in a recharge room during Cassandra Prime, and I must admit it was nice to be able to take a break during it all to grab a bite of food or head to the bathroom.

  • McWibbleMcWibble ✭✭✭

    Unfortunately I think this would just make things even more tiring. As it stands, both teams usually start a couple of hours before the actual anomaly does to set things up (immunise, etc...). Adding a break would mean people are expected to spend it preparing things again for round 2

  • JoeyDJoeyD ✭✭

    during the Casandra Prime Anomaly in Philly. we had a lot of breaks. we just hung out until our team lead got some intel. then we all scattered like flies. trying to get to certain Portals in the Play Box.

  • There seem to be breaks inherent across the phases. I've done ground, bike, and car and the overall duration of the anomalies seems fine to me. I wouldn't any to drag it out any longer.

  • i remember just sitting my **** down at a bar defending the portals in my zone, while sipping on a drink.

  • i remember just sitting my **** down at a bar defending the portals in my section while sipping on a drink.

  • I don't see why you couldn't run in to a convience store to grab something. Also, anomalies used to be longer with no breaks. I don't see how it is all that exhausting, the adrenaline keeps you going.

  • Shogun79Shogun79 ✭✭✭

    Last time it was longer and it had breaks

    But it had only one task each hour, cap portals, fielding, shards

  • DigitalisDigitalis ✭✭✭

    ask yourself what people on a 12 hour stealth event do for a bathroom overnight when most businesses are closed.

    question? meet answer.

  • Better even... try it :) If you went through Stealth you certainly manage anomaly...

    And - if Niantic introduced breaks between playing time, I'd expect enough agents not to take those breaks but do some strategic work in between...

  • jimsugjimsug ✭✭

    The breaks usually dragged the game out even more - in the days of four hour anomalies, even the breaks "in-between" measurements or other objectives were used by both factions.

    Having a smaller window overall has helped a bit, and since things like toilet and hydration breaks are needed on both sides you'd probably expect the effect to be similar.

    (Then again, refreshment vans might be a good way for one faction to keep their agents fueled...)

  • My first anomaly was Darsana in Hartford, it was bitter cold and there were really long breaks of close to an hour between 5 minute play periods. I didn't know any better but looking back on it this wasn't all that fun. Later anomalies seemed to compress the break times a little better but most of that is spent moving between targets. A good team leader will plan a route that includes refreshment stops. Although the newer format where you play solid for 3 hours seems like the other extreme, Maybe we can find a happy medium.

    As for players not using the breaks for breaks, at Boston one team didn't even show up for the group photo because they were out prepping the play area.

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