XF FieldArt "Happy New Year 2022 - Chincha, Perú"

The idea of this operation was born to unite both factions to receive the year with Ingress and what better way than to leave for a moment the competitive mode that always exists between both factions.

Never before had an XF FieldArt and Nova been made in the city of Chincha 🇵🇪

So we said: let's make one. !!!

Thus, the agents of the town of Chincha - Peru meet us to carry it out. Taking 3 days to do it.

Resistance Agents:



Enlightened Agents:


@reikalexis07 7



Design: @MoisesMonrroy

 You can still enjoy the XF FieldArt and Nova here:

Illuminated Nova: 78 links

Resistencia Nova: 132 links

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:



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