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Hi I am partly through a set of missions and upon trying to start mission 16 when pressing start button it says mission currently active. All red box mission prompts and mission portal highlights have disappeared. Further presses of start button displays action in progress. The abort mission button is not there either.

I have restarted the app, deleted cache and data. Restarted phone. Uninstall and reinstalled app with no effect. Stumped as in what else I can possibly do? Please help

I am using Samsung galaxy s20 ultra 5g using 4g and up to date version of ingress.

This is now resolved.

I opened the scanner around 4hrs later and was able to start another mission. I then aborted that mission and then went back to the stuck mission. All working fine now.

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  • Hello,

    I have the same problem. Can you please help?

  • It is NOT resolved!

    Anyone found a workaround without having to wait for hours?

  • Same problem for me. Anyone found a workaround yet?

  • There should be no tick.

  • evankhevankh ✭✭
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    I am having the same problem. Is there any actual solution to this? "It goes away on its own" is not the same as "resolved."

  • Despite multiple threads here describing the same issue Niantic has not yet even acknowledged the problem.

    The only known workaround so far is to wait for 4 hours until the server somehow resets this faulty state. No action on the client seems to have any effect.

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