Store bug: Tapping near the close button purchases items without confirmation

In the store interface, there is a small zone on either side of the close button that, when double-tapped at the right speed, skips the confirmation and immediately purchases the item. This is possible when the small buttons that display the CMU values are underneath the close button as shown in the attached image.

This zone overlaps with the width of the "acquire" button that flies upward from the bottom of the window. When this happens, the animation of the acquire button being tapped (a rapidly expanding blue bubble) is shown at the bottom of the screen instead of near the top where it belongs once the acquire button comes to rest (sorry, it happens very quickly and I have no way to take a screen recording).

One solution would be to make the regions to the left and right of the close button do nothing, as opposed to registering as a tap to the buttons underneath - which are partially faded out anyway.

when I ask for the lost CMU to be credited back to me, in-game support doesn't seem to understand me and only sends back canned responses telling me to dispute a purchase with Apple... though I did not spend any cash! Can someone please investigate and credit me back the 1000 CMU I accidentally lost due to this bug?

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