Portal mesh scanning never finnishes


I haven't found any bug reports concerning that mesh scanning.

I'm unable to create portal scans with the meshing function active. I would expect that I can finish a mesh scan similar to a scan without meshing.

I run the Sony Xperia 5 III. It runs Android 11. Ingress Build 2.86.1-b01edafa.

I attached two videos of tries to scan with mesh.

Object is a powerbox with a mural/drawing on it. I tried a normal scan first, which completed itself after walking around the object. Neither of the two mesh scans i did were completed. I also do not recieve any error i just says "aborted" (in german).


The is a stone statue next to a public playground. The normal scan completes itself again flawlessly. A mesh scan just aborts after the timer went through.


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