My name on Forums is wrong

For some reason my account name is "test" and not "SirKingIke" on the forums.

Can this be fixed?

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  • @Test this account is a blank account you may have created or linked to your account via the ingress app or another niantic profile (ID) Based Game.

    There is from what i can see another forum ID on here where you last used it on June 12th here

    So they must be on two different email addresses or usernames but this is only a guess as the last post on your main ID from what i can see was with a "lemon faced boat"

    So check your email addresses or usernames on your account for the ingress forum to see where the problem lays.

    Failing that you would have to contact in-app support and ask them by making a ticket.

  • @PhantomR1982 thanks for the suggestions!

    I didnt realize i have a second account now. But i dont understand how and why, because i always only used one mail. I have all Niantic accounts linked to the same google account/mail. (PGO & Ingress)

    For a while i had the problem, that i recieved and error when logging in. I contacted support 5-6 times but they were unable to help me "we see no problem on our end" or at last "we will check and come back later" (never did they just closed the ticket after a few months). I checked back then, it didnt work. So for some announcement i came back and i decided to try again, incase they fixed it. To my surprise, I could login again. But suddenly had the name "Test".

    When I log into the wayfarer forum it has my correct id!


    I really think its useless to contact in-app support as they can not help and only supply pre-written answers to the matching topic. I will give that another try aswell though. But my hopes are higher that it will be fixed an actual niantic employee could look at this, instead of the in-app support.

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    @Test When you hit your logged in profile icon on the top right of the browser for the forum it should pop out with a small sub menu bar with a chess piece person in a circle on the end of the bar that says "View Profile" when tapped on,then on this menu click this option and take a look at what email address it shows under your username *dont screenshot it or post it for your own security* just check it.

    Does this match the email address for your other account.

    Im just troubleshooting at this point.

    Also did you add a second email address to your account either via Pogo or Ingress In App under settings like a recovery email address that may have the "test" forum account linked to it,even while it may look like its your email address for the other profile "SirKingLKE"

    This does update across all niantic games these days.

    You can try and sweet talk @NianticThia to have a snoop around as she can see things in the background other agents like me cant see and she may find whats going on or what email is attached to each forum ID.

    Did you use a facebook/google/apple id login for the other profile.

    Images may explain it better but i apologise for the bad editing lol

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  • @PhantomR1982 i appreciate your effort.

    I have contacted in-app support without loops they said they will pass the issue to a different team. Maybe the in-app suipport works this time. I'll post any results here.

    The email address for this account is correct, it matches the one i have linked through ptc (n/a in ingress), google and facebook (use the same mail across all login services). I have never created a profile with a different name. Just to mention: I registered at facebook with instead of But when I use my facebook login i still login into this forum account.

    To note 1-2 years ago i recieved a mail from the ingress support, saying they found a duplicate mail (which i do not own) and i need to decide which one to keep tied to the account. But never had a problem since then logging into the game(s).

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    Keep an eye out on your emails and spam/junk just in case they contact you that way from the nia ops ( email address with regards to this IF they ARE going to escalate it but in many agents experience they rarely do and will just close your support ticket after a bit of time,it could be the duplicate email address you mentioned has been removed from the "sirkingle" account and when you signed in it then created the new "test" account without you realising.

    Keep this thread updated by all means as it will help others in the future too.

    They may need to link your email back to the old Forum ID behind the scenes.

  • @PhantomR1982 thanks again.

    Yes, exactly. That always has been my previous in-app support experience, so i actually expect no different this time. But which was different this time, is that I dont have to reopen a new ticket 5 times before it gets passed on.

    While I personally don't know the board software "vanilla" niantic uses, i have worked with the most common forum softwares as an admin - and merging accounts has never been a problem. But maybe their integration to their user backend system which holds the user data could be a problem - but we will see.

    In worst Case i will just be the test user for the rest of my ingress life, lmao.

    I surely will keep the thread updated.

  • Just updating with there is no update.

  • Another update with no update. :(

  • TestTest ✭✭

    Another update with no update from Niantic. :(

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    Seems like hard issue fix..

  • TestTest ✭✭

    @mortuus this seems to be to much for niantic.

    I still havent heard from them and they are not replying anymore through ingame support either.

  • TestTest ✭✭

    Niantic finally came along to close the ticket with a response unrelated to the inquiry. They said they will fix the issues in the scanner - while this is not even an issue with the scanner. It's a problem with my account/forum which has nothing to do with the ingress client/scanner on my phone.

    Needless to say the issues is still there.

  • TestTest ✭✭
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    Reopened the ticket, still not a single response by niantic untill today.

    Since opening the ticket only 10 Months have passed without a non automated reply.

    I'll just give up at this moment.

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  • Sorry about the delay, agent! We have already escalated your issue to the dedicated team. An update will be shared as and when we get one. Thanks for your patience!

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