[2.87.1] Very Common indicator missing/Media shows rarity

As opposed to the Extremely Rare indicator bug report that I have submitted as a joke, this time, I actually genuinely want to report a bug regarding the (normaly unused) Very Common indicator.

If Media is dropped in a pile, so that the disambiguation menu opens when trying to select them, there's a white box on the bottom left of the icons. Normally, this is where the Rarity indicator is present, but as Media has a Rarity of "Very Common" within the code, which is normally hidden, the indicator is also normally hidden.

At the moment though, tapping on a media on the map shows that it is, in fact, Very Common. I'm not sure if this was added on purpose or not. If it was, this bug report is about the Very Common indicator showing as a white box. If it wasn't, then this bug report is about it showing as Very Common when it shouldn't.

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