Continuos bullying against a specific agent

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Hello fellow agents,

On the past weeks one specific agent is suffering from what I call coward bullying.

This agent plays the game only since 3 or 4 months ago, not that much I know, but for being a pain in the **** he's suffering from constant bullying from 3 specific agents.

So, what is happening? Well, this agent has an earing problem, being almost deaf, and what do those cowards (I would call them other things but that I'll keep it out from the forum) do?

Well, they collect keys from a deaf people association and drop those keys next to this agent house, clearly trying to scoff and make jokes related to his health condition.

One of them even used one of his several secundary accounts to make jokes in the COMM.

I don't think this behaviour should be tolerated, bus as several of us already reported this situation without any success I must assume that niantic tolerates this kind of behaviour.

What should we do to prevent this from happening in the future? Should we escalate this to who?

I don't know if this is the correct place for this, but as niantic don't even replies to our reports I'm trying to find another way to severely punish these agents.


  • Not acceptable behavior at all. This violates TOS on so many levels. Yes, the agents need to be permabanned. If this were a workplace in America, I'd bet you money that there would be terminated employees over something like that.

  • Any cruel jokes or harassment on comms are not acceptable and should be reported.

    Personally I am not sure if dropping keys will be classed as reportable even if done with bad intentions. Just because it is not an action that is otherwise problematic. And it would need to be very clearly defined if dropping keys would become the offence. E.g. what happens if a visitor walks around in the place … hacks a keys from the deaf people association and plenty others and drops them all near that agents house - because for example doing a banner cleaning out inventory. Would that agent need to get a ban as well? The rules set must apply to all players equally. So comms harassment should get reported. But the keys - in my opinion - whilst clear trolling is not an offence. If that would be done to me - I would collect the keys and use them for a quick multilayer to field over those players.

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    @PTavares76 , Unfortunately, there are a lot of subtle ways how malicious agents can intimidate and **** players out there without breaking the TOS. One agent is fortunate to have a community member like you that stands up and reports such actions to Niantic and local authorities. While others are not so fortunate, because those community members just look away and tolerate unacceptable behavior out there. Continue documenting such actions and collect strong evidence that you can present to Niantic and local authorities so they can do something about it. If the harassment continues, elevate it to the next level. It doesn't take rocket science to figure that out. Thank you for standing up against bullying and harassment in this game.

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    You mentioned "One of them even used one of his several secundary accounts to make jokes in the COMM". He/she is not using his main account to do that because he/she knows that it leads to a ban of COMM functionality or the entire account. If there are many agents (more than 7) in your area collectively "block" the relevant account (which made COMM speech) FIRST and then report the unfriendly messages then I'm 100% sure that account will receive a warning or ban if his/her doing it repeatedly.

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