6th key locker duplicated with same id

Since the start of the last event I have a duplicate black key locker. The two instances have the same name/Id. It is difficult to manage


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  • So this is my request:how do I get rid of the duplicate safely ? Knowing both black key lockers have the same id

    id = 79AFDFED

  • I have emptied one of the duplicate and I cannot empty the other one

    how can I raise the attention of support to delete one of the two duplicate key lockers ?

  • Hi @Gadgetofan - this is the Niantic Social section of the forums - not Ingress; please submit a support ticket in-game so that it can be addressed (or post in the Ingress section). Unfortunately, the forums are a little broken at the moment so I cannot close or move this thread to the right spot. :(

    Thank you!

  • Disregard! I see you already posted :)

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