Ingress Scotland Advent Calendar

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From December the 1st December to 25th December i came up with an idea of running an advent calendar on behalf of the ingress Scotland so i pitched the idea to rest off the Orga team and they where happy for me to take lead and they be happy to help if i need any. So I dug out codes i have had lying around which ranged from VR Loadout, Charactor Badges, NL1331 5 Year badge and used up some of my own spare swag to create some prizes up.

So as the days went on every door had a different photo from different areas of Scotland or past events that had happened or meant to happen but covid put a stop to it, Let's hope they come back SoonTM. Along with the photos i put a sentence or 2 along with a question which be part of Christmas day fun. I also contacted Some agents from GautengFS Orga team if they wanted me to help with the Charity drive they do every year to help local causes out with donations by giving them an advent door.

On behalf of Ingress Scotland Orga team and myself we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2022,

At Midnight 24th December 00:00 Ingress Scotland will be posting a video on Youtube highlighting some off the amazing views and locations the agents managed to get to despite Covid-19 causing problems.

Youtube Link:-

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  • It was lovely being able to join you and have you join us. I will watch out for the video.

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