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recently (a few days ago), while playing the game, i dropped 3 capsules while another agent was standing near to me and waiting for the capsules to drop. I dropped a total of three capsules which disappeared from my inventory, but never appeared on the intel map.

I can specify the contents and exact place where I think i dropped the items, if necessary.

A day later, the same thing happened again. I dropped a capsule with 100 items, which never appeared on the map, but disappeared from my inventory.

Then i tried to load items into another capsule, pressed x to go back to the menu, and the items and capsule were gone.

I wrote a message to the ingame support, but since i have a ticket open there since a few months with login issues that i had in the ingress forum, it seems they are not reacting to that ticket at all anymore. That ticket can be closed btw. i'll detail out in a moment how I regained access to the forums again (without any useful help from the support).



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  • Sorry for the noise (multiple posts), but I got this error message while saving, so i clicked save again after removing things like quotes, parentheses, etc. (didn't help):

    "Code": 256, "Exception": "Column 'statusID' cannot be null|Gdn_Database|Query|update GDN_Discussion Discussion\nset statusID = :statusID\nwhere DiscussionID = :DiscussionID", "Class": "Gdn_ErrorException" }

  • At least now we know that prepared statements are used by the forum software :D

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