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I have been actively playing since November 2018 and I really enjoy the storylines and the codes involved. I can clearly see that there are many people really deep into the history of the game and I don't know if I will ever be able to understand all of it.

Despite this, I do like to try and find the deeper meaning in things. I just wanted to know if anyone had some answers to a few questions I have on some of the things that I have discovered. I am sorry for not separating these out into their respective channels, this is just easier for me.

 For the Niantic team:

->Are there any passcodes that are hiding out on the Internet that haven't been found yet?

->On the main Ingress website page, why do you have the release date from 2018 for Prime encoded there despite the game having already been out? Maybe its time to change it up to something else?

->Why are your "staging" pages not locked out from public viewing?

->How come some older pages are still active but not linked to either the main Ingress page or set to auto redirect to a working page? Like the BioCard creator site for example.

->What is the fuel mileage on NL-1331 with all of the world travelling?


For the storyline:

->As mentioned in one video, Ingress involves a lot of ships. Is there a connection among them? Coincidence?

Niantic - Whaleship

Darsana - Fishing boat

Persepolis - Oil Tanker

Helios - Bulk / Yacht

Magnus - Not a ship but a sail type

Cassandra - Passenger ship


->On the Dunraven Foundation page, the cover image shows a skull with a blue heart. Is this the original Hank Johnson's corpse rotting away in that cave?

->On the Dunraven Foundation Facebook page, the "V" has some dots on it. It looks a lot like a Nemesis logo. Since ADA and Dunraven are connected, are they both connected to Nemesis as well? Is this how they are recruiting?

->If not through ADA, how is Nemesis recruiting? Do they have a good benefits package?

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