[2.86.1] Premium items/Boosts can be recycled

In the inventory, you can quickly delete multiple items at once by holding the (+) button, which makes the counter for that item go up quickly. When swiping to another item while the (+) button is continued to be held, the next item will immediately start counting up as well, which is not a bug per se. What is a bug though is that the same behavior happens with premium items. Apparently that same counter still exists for premium items and is just hidden from view when checking them, so normally, they can't be deleted. Holding the (+) button and swiping towards the Boost category however let's the counter start incrementing like it does with normal items.

This means that Key Lockers, Beacons, Apex and Frackers can be deleted like normal items. The Kinetic Capsule couldn't be selected in my attempts, not sure if it's because it's running, or because something else is blocking it.

As much as I love screwing around and making a headache for Niantic by needing their help recovering items, I did not delete my entire Boosts, but only one Key Locker. As expected, it was recycled like a normal item. Luckily, I could buy another one in the store, so at least I'm not stuck with 5 now.

I don't assume that this will be fixed with 2.87.1. Once I get the update, I'll update this thread.

Version 2.86.1

Oneplus 8 Pro

Android 11

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