Community management issues

After some initial testing of communities from the perspective of community management, the limited options around channels and messages, as well as how access is managed, leave a lot to be desired:

  • Messages from other users in a community can't be deleted by admins, only reported to Niantic. There's also no category for reporting spam.
  • There are no notifications, system messages, or any other ways to tell when a user joins or leaves a community.
  • Users can't be banned from a community unless they're currently a member. This means users are free to join/send/leave and evade banning.
  • Anyone in a community, public or private, can invite anyone else, and all members can see the invite code.
  • Community invite codes can't be regenerated, which with the above makes it far too easy for access to be leaked. [reported elsewhere]
  • The ordering of communities on the map (which icon is on the top of stacks, and the order of cards at the bottom) is seemingly arbitrary -- ideally tapping a stack count would reveal all icons with equal preference.
  • Friends, communities (in the sidebar), channels and members are also all arbitrarily ordered. [channel ordering is a known issue, but it would be preferable to have alphabetical or manual ordering, rather than chonological as described]
  • Mention notifications allow you to peek at the target channel even if you're no longer a member of the community it belongs to.
  • Banned users continue to receive messages in the current channel whilst the banned popup is open.
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  • Couldn't agree more with all of this !

    In addition Less of a bug and more of a lack of features is that a description section for both a communitys and channels would help for people joining a community.

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