News forum, open discussion there?

TooLegitToExistTooLegitToExist ✭✭✭✭
edited December 2021 in Ingress Community Feedback

Pretty pointless to have main thread in news closed and create new thread in general for discussion of said news.....

@NianticThia anything to improve is better than this.....



  • svbornsvborn ✭✭✭

    Good point. Why can't we just comment on the news?

  • From what I can discern this is primarily to avoid having the horrible back and forth that many people engage in, on the primary news link. People who just want the news open that link and then read what they want, and they're done. The Discussion threads are created by Agents instead of Niantic, to avoid what we used to have where thirty threads on the one topic would spring up and flood the forums with piecemeal conversations.

    The best of both worlds would be Niantic creating a discussion thread at the same time as the news thread, but that hasn't happened.

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