Ingress agent name rejected, had to select a new Niantic ID

Please leave your agent name when it was rejected when signing up for Niantic Social. If you have a screenshot, please include it! So far we've seen the following:













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  • Yes, it’s my Niantic ID as well.

  • the same for me Zogaloki74

    Could you put a « g » not an « h » in my nick please

  • I reserved my name early for Niantic Social. But I wanted to change the capitalization and add a photo both of which I cannot do

  • Please fix it, mi Niantic ID and agent name is Azathel. Thank you.

  • "invalid username" error, while friends see my username as "5om3-h3x-numb3rs||unclaimed" on the list

  • KhatreKhatre ✭✭✭✭✭

    i can add that any message including my IG name is automaticaly put under review (censored) in niantic chat 😅

    got that in a DM with a friend 🙄

  • roarexroarex ✭✭✭
  • Agent vanuda here. Same issue.

    I do get a failure despite that my id vanuda was accepted and approved during the reservation phase.

    I think i have an idea why it happens.

    Most likely due to that GMAIL makes no difference between [email protected] and [email protected]

    My guess is that NIA makes a difference.. I.e. they see these as 2 different emailadresses even if they in 99% are not.

    As Ingress was registered with the type [email protected] type of address during beta December 2012

    it actually might be that this is causing the conflict with other NIA games like PokemonGo that i have.

    I was not allowed to register vanuda in that game as it was already "taken" by someone else..

    I.e. in this case it might be that the chat sees me as [email protected] and not [email protected]

    I however always have presented me to NIA as [email protected]

    john.doe is of course example email address..

    Please don't mess with the accounts.. I have great progress both in PoGo and Ingress and do not want to loose any of them..

  • Agent name: Alpinia

  • Gunlod

  • 大文字小文字どちらもNGです

  • agent nameで使用している sakuya888 登録したいです。

  • Agent vanuda again..

    Posted this but was dismissed as no Ingress issue.. ( but now it seems to be )

    Most likely related.

    NIantic ID reservation - multiple identities — Ingress

    Recommendation was to search support on "Niantic support"

    Posted on "Niantic Support " on Facebook.. But as far as i can see the post was removed or dropped below search possibility. At least it looks like it disappeared for me.

    I'm glad on help ( ping me on GMAIL, i assume my email is visible due to that i logged in to post here )

    This as i assume that this is a common issue between most of the Ingress agents , pogo players etc that have an issue with Niantic ID.


  • Why?

    I don't understand

  • Agent name: tetsuyat6739

  • It's an Ingress account, but I can't register.

    edited December 2021

    Maybe J"pedo"J

  • hacman87hacman87 ✭✭
    edited January 6

    My ingress user ID is “hacman87”, but I also got the same message when trying to use that as my display name, so I shortened it just to “hacman” and that was accepted.

    Oddly enough, I later added a blue heart and a country flag, and they were both accepted, but numbers aren’t. Weird.

    And I just tried again, after posting this comment and it is still the same.

  • ElsonRoaElsonRoa ✭✭
    edited March 22 did say invalid entry until I raised a ticket with Niantic support. It now says inappropriate content! As many others have said, if other people can register my nickname, it gives a massive risk of impersonation and all the dangers that go with that. For example, if someone arranged to meet, thinking it was me and met up with some random stranger pretending to be me. Very bad move Niantic.

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