Key Sort Intermittently Broken - active inventory; and in Capsules and Keylockers

I have Prime 2.25.2 for iOS and earlier this evening the sorting function was broken. I was unable to sort my keys by name. The keys were not in descending order - it was all over the place. I had to restart Prime in order to get it back to normal.

About 15 minutes later - same thing, keys cannot be sorted by name. Again, I had to restart the app so that I could sort my keys properly.

Never had this issue before.



  • UtackaUtacka ✭✭

    Same issue, though no need to restart, just restarting key management a few times seems to fix it but its random, sometimes when opening it fails and sometimes it seems to work as intended.

  • PonderPonder ✭✭✭

    It's the same on Android.

  • iPhone 7+, scanner version 2.33.1-8a221209 on iOS 13.{latest patch} and the key sort order is still broken. It's like it tries to go back to distance sort when you exit out of your key inventory. Re-entering the key inventory brings you back to the last key you had open, but the sort is incorrect, like it's gone to distance again. Setting sort to distance, exiting key inventory back to main scanner, then going back in and setting the sort back to name seems to fix it (until you exit back to main scanner, then rinse & repeat the process).

  • Ive had the random key sort twice before on iOS, when you get it are you able to click on a key to recharge it?

  • LOSEV45LOSEV45 ✭✭

    Key soring ABC is still broken. :(

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