Storage of level up kits for later use

Being able to store level up kits for later redemption would be brilliant. I levelled up to 16 the day before Canberra Anomoly. I was heavily stocked for anomoly and trying to do missions which meant I had to hack. This meant I had to offload (to a friend) gear and recycle stuff. It would have been brilliant if I could have got that level up pack a few days or weeks later.

Happy if there was a time limit on the reclaiming of the kits. say a month.



  • SoylentGrienSoylentGrien ✭✭✭✭✭

    It shouldn't be that hard to implement actually. Make it a reward you have to actively claim or possibly as a free item in the store. In HPWU I have (mostly) remembered not to claim potion and ingredient rewards when my vault is full.

  • How about you put items in a capsule and you turn the capsule into a code to redeem later. To prevent abuse, the capsule will randomly lose an item every minute.

  • ic3maxic3max ✭✭

    I wish I had ever received any type of reward lol 😂

  • Patka07Patka07 ✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2019

    @tawdryandjaded this idea would have to be limited because it would make legal backpacks - inventory space will be expanded. If this passcode would count in 2000 items, it will be unnecessaryit will have to be limited for owner only to redeem, other way it make easy to send someone items, without meeting them. It will make bad impact on sociable aspect of game.

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