Niantic Social visibility resets to Everyone after restarting ingress

If I edit my Niantic Social visibility from Ingress to set it to "Only me" or "Friends" then the setting is changed back to "Everyone" when I next restart Ingress.

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  • I also have this problem. I would also like to know what "visibility" means, does it mean my location is always shared, or does it just show if I am online? If my location is permanently publicly showing I need to opt out until the privacy settings are fixed.

  • I also have this issue. It resets too everyone on app restart.

  • Hi! In our bug fix today 12/14/2021, we also addressed this issue. Please let me know if you see it working!

  • JudyBJudyB ✭✭✭

    @Anovaaa Thanks - I can confirm that it looks like my changes to visibility are now being saved

  • @Anovaaa Works now. Thanks.

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