NS Random Language on Push Notifications

When I get a Push Notification on my phone (Pixel 6) when I'm mentioned in NS, oftentimes the header will be in another, random language from English. I've encountered Russian, Japanese, French and (I believe) Polish so far.

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    An event created by Georgian agent, showing on an English configured phone, in Australia, with Portuguese text.

    Taking the multiculturalism a bit far.

    Also Pixel 6, with 2.86.1

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    Yeah just got this now.. Kinda annoying get in language u dont even speak..

  • Can also confirm that I get notification in different language's

  • thanks for the report! fix for is this is going out

  • Hi all, we made a bug fix for this today. Thank you for letting us know of this issue. If this persists, please ping us. You do need to restart Ingress to pull in the fix.

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