Niantic Social Feedback and Updates

Edit 12/14 @12:15pm: We have fixed two issues with notifications:

  1. Events created in the Official Community no longer sends a notification to every member of the Community.
  2. Notifications will no longer appear in random languages.


Hi Agents, 

It’s been amazing to see all of the buzz, messages, and feedback so far..thank you! We have a couple of quick updates: 

  1. We have created two new sub-categories within this Niantic Social forum space for Bug Reports and Feature Requests. This is the best way to make sure that your feedback gets seen by our team as we will be closely monitoring here. However, we will also be keeping an eye out for general feedback in the Official Community on Niantic Social. 
  2. Please do not create new text channels in the Ingress Official Community (code: whnepURT). 
  3. Please do not create Events in the Official Community. Doing so currently sends a notification to everyone in this public community, which we will be hotfixing shortly. 

Known Bugs

  • Attempting to send a Niantic Social invite via Agent name within an in-line @mention is currently bugged. You may still invite via the sender line and Agent Profile. 

  • Brand new Ingress users may see an infinite spinner when loading Niantic Social for the first time. This happens if you go through the Ingress tutorial too quickly and immediately try to click on the Niantic Social button
  • If you notice your Friends List disappear within Niantic Social, please try opening another Niantic game and then reload Niantic Social from Ingress
  • Some notifications are being sent in different languages
  • We’re also looking into invalid usernames due to our language filter



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  • I am a resistance agent working in Kumamoto, Japan. It seems that the name of the place where I live, Kumamoto, is a pejorative in other languages, so I can't open a chat that includes the name of the place.

    Can you do something about this?

  • @sigmarl We're actively looking into this now!

  • @sigmarl The message is actually based on the Niantic ID you chose in the previous view and not the home base. What is the Niantic ID you tried to choose?

  • What URL(s) would I need to whitelist in order for Niantic Social to work? When I have ad-away enabled I just get the endless spinner but if I disable ad-away it works fine.

    Aside from the point that there is some sort of questionable tracking going on that ad-away is blocking, I just need to know what to whitelist.

  • MxxMxx ✭✭✭✭

    Should be and

  • DSktrDSktr ✭✭✭✭

    So,the bug i told this night about (i can't view agents from notifications tab because popup window moves out of screen) is connected with social. Great.

    Now another,but this time it's minor. "!%(EXTRA string= "username") in push notification:)

    And another,if i open Ingress via attack notification or normally,i don't want to "press backspace to skip annoying social" and waste +1 precious second. Really,it's a bit annoying.

  • That unfortunately doesn't do it. They must be pulling cookies from another domain. Will have to just see what all it's trying to hit when I get a chance.

  • Please change the icon of the social DM to something OTHER than the attack notification icon (same goes for kinetic capsule being ready...on the rare time it actually shows up)

  • The map always starts in California for me, while I'm in Europe. Clearing the cache and all data didn't help.

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