[Feature Request] Categorize groups by games and filter map view

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Moving my discussion here, feel free to delete the old one :D

Currently, in the map view, all public groups are visible for everyone. As such, people who have no interest in, say, Harry Potter, still have to see and search through those groups in the map view.

It would be awesome if the group Admins could specify that a group is mainly for X Niantic game. With a filter for the map, this would reduce clutter significantly and allow players to find the groups for the games they actually play much easier.

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  • I have to agree, having to sort through groups that don't apply to you seems less than ideal. On a related note, how about adding a feature to filter groups by size? I've already seen a few groups on the map with a single member, and while there are plenty of situations where small groups would make sense, too many of them also makes it way harder to find the most active groups. I expect this will only get more noticeable once PoGo gets access...

  • TY for the feedback @InvestigateXM @Ferrothorn88 . We'll take this and iterate on the map.

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